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Johnny Depp is very well known American actor, Producer and Musician, who has been nominated for 10 Golden Globe Award as a best actor. He has done several blockbuster Hollywood movies like Pirates of the Caribben, Black Mass, The Tourist, Once upon a time in Mexico and so on. EuroGraphics 1959 Corvette 1000 Piece Puzzle: Toys & Games

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He is fond of vintage cars and owns 1959 Corvette. Let's explore a little about this car.

The 1959 Corvette has luxurious cockpit which was designed for navigation comfort. It has V8 engine with twin 4 barrel carburetion with 9.5 : 1 compression ratio which gives the horse power of 230 HP. It has 12 Volt electrically drive pressure lubrication system with full flow oil filter and also dual exhaust system.

It has a clutch semi centrifugal coil spring with force speed synchromesh gear box. Chassis has been designed in the form of box girder, x member reinforce the frames. It has very good suspension system with independent coil spring and rear suspension is mounted with semi-elliptic leaf spring.

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The hydraulic system self energize the brakes with fade resistant with bonded linings and heavy duty metallic brake lining as an option. The mechanical parking brake has been provided on rear wheels for control. It has fuel capacity of 62 Liters.

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The exterior is very attractive as it has fiber glass reinforced plastic body side panels and magic mirror with acrylic lacquer shades in 7 colors. Dual headlights and push button door handles with keylock. It has folding top with power operated mechanism.

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It costed nearly 3856 USD at that time when it was launched.

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