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Hongkong will be soon the Next hub for Electric Cars

Over the past three years according to our research sources we have observed that Hong Kong has turning soon into an unexpected hub for the world’s best-known electric car.

Right along with neon signs and skyscrapers, Tesla vehicles define the urban landscape and fill the streets of the central business district.

Hong Kong is  now placing a heavy tax on new private car purchases in order to curb pollution and reduce traffic.

 This tax often amounts to more than the full sticker price of the car. Yet for almost 20 years, this tax was waived entirely on electric vehicles, ostensibly to also help reduce pollution.
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Malaysian company SUV Hits the Market

Haval which upholds the brand concept of “PROFESSIONAL” focuses on SUV development, and aspires to be worldwide top SUV expert brand.

The technology currently leading GW4G15B high efficiency and energy-saving engine boasts outstanding sporting performance and prominent fuel economy.

 The 110kW top power output and 210N.m peak torque output can explode with amazing performance instantaneously. This is the most succesful SUV in the Malaysian

The real-time automatic that has  constant temperature control realizes the zone temperature regulation for the driver seat and front passenger seat to build a constant and fresh interior environment.

6-Way Electrically Adjustable Driver Seat

image & Source : Haval

Motorcycles made from Recycled objects

Motorbikes which comes in all shapes and size but here we have found some different collection for you all to such as vehicles that are made out of recycled parts.  The bike which is made up of wood

Trike, 2005, by Chris Gilmour. Photograph by Chris Gilmour

This motorcycle has been made by different recycled Autoparts , When thinking of green modes of transport, the mind doesn’t immediately turn to motorcycles.

The bolted altogether and with hard disk drives which is used  for wheels, the aptly named Champion  whatever it looks like it is superb ! The bike is actually entirely made from recycled electronic parts, most of which are sourced from computers.

Champion by Alex Manigod. Photograph by Alex Manigod

Motorcycle sculpture art. Photograph by Bruce Gray

With an absolute and full guarantee of zero emissions and 100% recycled, this motorcycle was made by Bruce. This can be the most greenest or Eco-friendly bike among all the lists. However it has found object metal sculpture which  has…

Sporty Bikes which can make you crazy

As per the Research Sources the Indian two-wheeler market is on a boom now. Many youngsters are extemely passionate about sports bike and are abreast of the riding pleasure associated with it.

where It is going to be flooded with super cool and sophisticated sports bikes as a couple of sports bike manufacturers are going to bring their massive high end models in India by the end of 2011 and 2012.

 Go through the guide for a complete list of sports bike in India both launched and yet to be launch.

will b updating soon more.

source : webindia, lotus ,Ducati

Rise of Royal Enfield Bikes

In 1909 Royal Enfield has really surprised the motorcycling world by introducing a small Motorcycle with a 2 ¼ HP V twin Motosacoche engine of Swiss origin. 

In 1911 the next model was powered by a 2 ¾ HP engine and boasted of the well known Enfield 2-speed gear.

The smaller twin of the Classic 500, the Classic 350 will be  holding its own against any other motorcycle and then pull some more.  

source : royalenfield
image source : motorbeam

Create,Design & Manufactures your own Cars for the Car Company

Solid engine design which is a big part of creating a successful car in Automation. The game gives you the opportunity to build your own engines from scratch by engine configuration, over the valve train design, to the fuel system and detailed turbocharging systems. Many design changes can affect the engine sound.

In the game you will get the challenge Compromises that are  abound, so that  you need the smallest and cheapest engine possible for a budget mini-car or a no-expense-spared twin-turbo beast for your next supercar which you will design on the basis of customer requirement. 

Detailed Car Design

Of course, the  engines need to be put into cars, which you do as the Car Designer. Now Choose between various chassis and materials, drive train layouts, suspension types and more. A huge range of car bodies, styling tools and cosmetic design items let you create unique and interesting car designs through the decades.

Key Features for the Game :  

1. It will give Extremely Deep, Techni…

How to Boost your Car batteries this summer

1.First Position the working car next to the car which has the battery. Make sure they're close enough for the cables to reach both batteries, but they shouldn't be touching each other .

2. Turn off the engine in both cars, and turn off all accessories

3. Find the positive and negative posts on both batteries. The positive usually has a red positive sign.

4. Attach the booster cables - making sure the ends never touch
5. Make sure the connections are solid and don't cross the terminals.

Attach the RED clamp to the positive post on the dead battery
Then put the other red clamp on the positive post on working battery
Black clamp to neg post on working battery
Black clamp on negative post on the dead battery.

 5. Fire up the engine on the working vehicle, letting it run for a few minutes. Then ready to  turn off the engine. Never attempt to start the other vehicle while the good vehicle is still running.

6. Start the vehicle with the dead battery. Let it run for a few minutes…

Maruti Suzuki Cervo will be launched soon

Cervo is an exclusive elegant entry-level hatchback which is  coming from none other than maruti Suzuki India Ltd.  Cervo is expected to hit Indian roads in December 2017. The small car will replace the car next door, Maruti 800 which has garnered a huge success in India since 1983. Cervo has already hit the Japanese road under the badge of Suzuki Cervo.

However, the Maruti Cervo will be differ from Suzuki Cervo both from 4 & features point of view. Cervo will compete in the Indian auto market with Hyundai Eon, Tata Nano, Renault Kwid etc.

Cervo petrol runs on a 658cc petrol engine which generates a maximum power of 54 bhp @ 6500 rpm and generates a maximum torque of 64 Nm @ 3500 rpm. The car is supposed to have a mileage of 25 kmpl. The car has 30 litres fuel tank capacity and runs on a 5 speed manual transmission.
Cervo has distinctively fluidic looks and suave styling.

The all new eye-shaped headlight, cluster and honeycomb radiator grille give the car an appealing look. The r…

Why Fluid Maintenance in Cars is so important ?

Cars really need a ton of maintenance to keep running smoothly. The easiest way or thing anyone can do is to check the fluids to ensure your car stays healthy. With that in mind, here are the four fluids you should check on a regular basis.

1 . Brake fluid is to defined about to internal contamination (wear from internal parts) but also from external sources such as (moisture and condensation).

2  Oil Check : The Chances are really such a way that the first thing you ever learned about on your first car was how to check your oil. we have to do this in every car and pretty much every car has the same basic process to check.

3. Transmission fluid which requires to keeps the gears on your car moving smoothly. we can check your transmission fluid the same way as your engine oil, except the car should be running when you do it.

Unlike your engine oil, transmission fluid is part of a closed system, so it should never be low.

4. The power steering fluid which helps to keep your steering smooth…