Check How Basic Engine Testing is done

Since the Engine is very important part of the vehicle, Let us understand today how the engine manufacturers do the testing before they deliver to the OEMs or customer .

Firstly the engine is tested & checked for the basic parameters which are listed below:
  1. Measurement of Speed 
  2. Fuel Consumption Measurement 
  3. Measurement of Air Consumption 
  4. Measurement of Exhaust Smoke
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As we know that basic measurement calculated  with respect to the speed. There is a device which is called as tachometer which can be either mechanical or electrical. The method which is used for measuring the speed to the counter the number of revolution for the defined time which is called accuracy .

All the engines are fitted  with revolution counters - The three phase electrical tachometer permanent magnet alternator to which a voltmeter is attached to get the output of the alternator in linear function of the speed and directly getting indicated on voltmeter dial. In both type of tachometer are affected by the temperature variations. To get the accurate and continuous measurement of the speed a magnetic pick up placed near a toothed wheel coupled to the engine shaft which can be used.

The magnetic pick-up has to produce a pulse for every revolution and a pulse counter will accurately measure the speed. 

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2. Fuel Consumption of measurement :

The fuel consumption of an engine is measured by determination from the volume flow at a given time interval and multiplying it by the specific gravity of the fuel which should be measured occasionally to get an accurate value. Another method which is very common is to measure the time required for consumption of a given mass of fuel. 

3. Measurement of Air Consumption

For our better understanding you can call it as the mixture of air and fuel is the food for an engine. For finding out the performance of the engine accurate measurement of both is essential. 

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4.Measurement of Exhaust Smoke

All the three are widely used smokemeters, namely, Bosch, Hartridge, and PHS are basically soot density (g/m3 ) measuring devices, that is, the meter readings are a function of the mass of carbon in a given volume of exhaust gas to define & measure the exhaust smoke coming from the engine.

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The Smokemeter is one in that which a fixed quantity of exhaust gas is passed through a fixed filter paper and the density of the smoke stains on the paper that are evaluated optically.


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