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Tango -The New innovative Mobility Concept

It is designed  & engineered the Tango by introducing folding bike, an ambitious moonshot project.

 The Tango was designed as an extension of the car. Years ahead of its time it was maintenance free,which  had full suspension, single sided wheels for compact folding and easy replacement, integrated lighting system, a magnesium alloy 4–speed drive train and the frame was covered in a friendly soft touch cladding to avoid damaging your car

Several parts has  required aerospace materials and expertise. The design won the Shimano Vision 2000 bicycle design contestin Milan as well as an iF Design Award.
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Maruti Suzuki finally reveals its Swift Dzire 2017 Sketch

The 2017 Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire's India has recently  launched has been confirmed for May 2017.

Maruti Suzuki has finally released a sketch giving all a sneak peek into what to expect, and now things are getting more exciting after the launch of Tata Tigor.

The Swift Dzire which seems to be one of the Maruti's most popular and consistent selling car, and has been among the one of the top 10 selling cars in the country month after month and there are already a lot of expectations from the new generation of the car.

The engine options which has given on the new Swift Dzire will be remain unchanged and will be continuing to use the tried and tested 1.2 litre K-Series petrol and 1.3 litre DDiS diesel engines under the hood.

Transmission will be including the 5-speed manual on both engines, while the petrol version will get a 4-speed autobox. The diesel will get the 5-speed AMT unit.

Expected cost : 5.5-9.6  lakhs
Expected Launch :May 2017

Source : NDTV
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VIP Culture got banned in India -Use of Red , Blue Beacon in Vehicles not allowed

Desicion taken this time with move to end the  VIP culture, the Union Cabinet on Wednesday has finally decided that beacon light will be removed from all vehicles, including that of Prime Minister.

However, an emergency vehicles, like ambulance, can still continue to use red or blue beacons.

Mr. Nitin Gadkari has showed the way by becoming the first minister to take the beacon off from his official vehicle after the Cabinet meeting, chaired by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This can be seems to be the start up of healthy culture in India as will be the new development stage for India.
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Big Boy Toyz has launched New showroom In India at Gurgaon

India’s first premium Exotic Car seller, Big Boy Toyz has launched the country’s largest automobile showroom in Gurgaon recently Near Hero Chowk. Spanning an area of 36,000 sq ft, the four-story facility has a display capacity of more than 100 cars. 

Their current turnover is in the range of Rs. 150 - 200 crores. Target is set  to increase that to 1,000 crores in three years. Currently, BBT is averaging 18 cars a month with an inventory of close to 50 cars. The company plans to have a stock of 100+ cars by the end of 2016.  

The company actually  deals in all cars not older than 2012 and done not more than 25,000 kms, strictly non-accidental, non-refurbished cars and non-meter tempered cars. Each car goes through a 151 Quality Checkpoints bt themselves.

In Big Boy Toys you can find all the cars which ever you like to have as luxury and sports car also.

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Ravishing Renault Scenic

Renault has purposely decided there is still life in this segment of the market, provided which can make its contenders this five-seat Scenic and the seven-seat Grand Scenic - truly desirable.

The new Scenic’s bold styling which is helped by the inclusion of 20-inch wheels as standard , but can may be it can still offer the space, driving dynamics and providing value to the people away from their SUVs?
Renault boasts that the Scenic which  has the biggest boot in the five-seat people carrier class.
Where it has  certainly roomy enough for a baby buggy with a good square opening and flat load lip, although the protruding bumper might result in a few pairs of muddy trousers.

 The remote seat folding on all but the entry-level model is a neat touch but the rear things are less impressive.

The 1.2-litre petrol engine which  runs out a little too easily with the car fully loaded, but both of the diesels allow you to make decent progress. 
For the most part the optional automatic gearbox w…

World's first Electric Roads E- Highway at Sweden by Scania Group

This an electrically-powered G 360 truck from Scania which made the inaugural journey.Sometimes vehicles will be very much  big and heavy to make them ideal candidates for providing the full electrification which doesn't mean, though, they cant be powered up solely by electricity.

These Hybrid trucks were specially fitted with a device called a 'pantograph power collector' can drive underneath the lines and tap into the power.When these are  connected to the lines, they run completely on electricity. When they drive out of the right lane, the onboard engine kicks on, as it reverts back to hybrid mode.

This idea is not the  exactly a new one. In fact as per the report  Seattle has been running electric 'Trollybuses since 1940 so the Sweden's electric road has given wide implementation which could help the country to meet its goal of being fossil fuel vehicle free by 2030.

These truck can freely connect to and disconnect from the overhead wires while in motion, oper…

Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill passed to Save More Human lives

A bill was introduced to unleash the radical reforms to the transport sector by ensuring 100% e-governance,By checking bogus driving licenses and vehicle thefts, slapping heavy penalty on traffic violators and protecting .
According to sources ,the good samaritan had approved by the Lok Sabha on Monday.

There should be uniformity in the rules which had concerning that the issuance of driving licenses, the minister said, adding to it in such a way that through “e-governance, there would be provision of electronic registration.

The bill also seeks to save lives by ushering in radical reforms in the motor vehicles law to charge heavy penalty on traffic violators, protecting good samaritans and making vehicle-makers responsible for design defects to cut road accidents. 

Upon introducing the new system, every one will have to go to the license issuing authorities under a uniform procedure and if the license is not issued in three days, then the RTO will have to face action. A learner’s licens…

Check about the New Technology Camera and sensor wash system in Cars

Foreign materials which enteted into the system  like dust, mud, road salt, snow and other related debris which can cause lens or sensor obstruction that will lead to degraded or non-functional system performance. 

Any vehicle using optical or sensor that is dependendable  systems which needs a clear, unobstructed surface for functioning properly to ensure safe operation.

 The number of cameras and sensors which are present in the systems based on new vehicles is ever increasing and 360 surround-view parking assist systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) had made the integration of cameras and sensors into vehicles commonplace. 

dlhBOWLES' (Canton, OH) Camera and Sensor that Wash ensures that these systems operate at peak efficiency. 

Key advantages of the system include oscillating spray, optimized flow rate, targeted spray area, optimized packaging and non-invasive integration. 

there are two types of nozzle which is bring used in this system.

1. Telescoping Nozzles

Delphi next-gen GDCI

Delphi's  third-generation gasoline direct-injection compression-ignition (GDCI) combustion system will attain a thermal efficiency of 42%, This thermal efficiency will be one of the highest efficiency to be claimed This engine will have approximately 22% better thermal efficiency than a current conventional spark-ignited gasoline engine with direct fuel injection and 11% better than a 2L diesel engine. 

This engine includes following technology

 “wetless” combustion,   quicker cold-start operation  an optimized low-temperature exhaust after treatment 

Features of engine:

compression ratio to 16:1Increased longer strokeIncreased top-dead-center piston clearanceAdvanced fuel injectors->350 bar (5076 psi) and provide three injection event

Features related to emission :

Low-temperature catalyst,Intake-air heater, Gasoline particulate filterSCR - urea injection

Image Source : SAE  content Source :SAE

Unbeatable the Ford GTS 2020

Ford  has introduced its GT supercar in 2004 as a street-legal where re imagining of the legendary GT40,

Rear Back : 

The first-gen GT offered buyers a chance at all-American mid-engine glory, bearing a supercharged 5.4-liter V-8 sending 550 horsepower to the rear axle. 
ford has spent a good amount of time to perfect  the GT’s active aerodynamic set-up, but such features are unlikely to make it to the GTS.

The side-view mirrors will get ultra-thin stocks, while plus-sized multi-spoke wheels which will sit in the corners. The intakes gets  in the nose and side pods which will be simplified.
 It has rear-engine, RWD. Engine Type: turbocharged 2.3-liter inline four-cylinder, twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6
Transmission Type: six-speed manual, 10-speed automatic
0-to-60 mph: 3.9 seconds
Top Speed: 185 mph

The center section should surely get a mid-mounted exhaust with two rounded pipes. 
Image Source : Autoevolution content Source : TopSpeed 

New upcoming Bajaj pulsar SS 400

It is also known as Supersport (AKA )Bajaj Pulsar SS400 which is one of the two concepts has rocking introduction at  the Auto Expo and which led to the production of RS 200.

Bajaj Auto had not hinted with  any possible launch for the same while where  it is expected to carry the same spirit as RC390, sharing its engine with the mighty sprinter.

It will definitely put  weigh more but coupled with Bajaj DTS-i and triple spark system, it might give  a nice mileage and performance figure.

It has Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Triple Spark, Liquid-cooled, Engine 373.2 cc with Maximum Power 40-42 Bhp (Est) which deleivers Maximum Torque 33-35 Nm (Est.)

Expected Price Rs 1.60 lakh
Launch Date Not Announced Yet
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Do you know about the Rich girl of Dubai Lana Rose and its Mo Vlogs with Monthly 42 Million Viewers

Lana was born October 6, 1990 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This twenty five years old  girl has a nice smile , Although she appears on her brother’s channel focusing around luxury cars and super sports, Lana’s own hobbies are quite different. Mohamed who is  currently living in Dubai with his sister Lana and his mom. they Daily uploads
Dubai Vlogs which are watched by millions of people their channel which has reached over 1.4 Million subscribers and is growing monthly by 180k thousand subscribers. reaching with his luxury lifestyle videos 42 Million views monthly.  

In her Videos she is presenting you the most luxury places, cars, shopping centers and even on of the greats Water-Park in Dubai .

 They do lot of activities which  you can do in Dubai with your family. There videos just express the daily luxurious life of the them which they used to upload on you tube
. The most videos which are popular are seems to be related with sport scar where she himself drives and her brother…

Check out more about upcoming Hero bike Hastur

Hero hastur the perfect bike for the bikers  with of Displacement cc which delivers the maximum Power78.9 BHP @ 9600 rpm

Hero Hastur which is seems to be the street bike concept from the Indian manufacturer, claims to be one of the best performance values around its segment in the present form. It will be built into a production ready middleweight street fighter in the future.

This will be the biggest launch from hero according to our sources.

. A company  has designed  a very compact power plant that serves as a stressed member of the chassis for optimum mass centralization to gives the  better handling. The new engine has  design features with auto style power transfer to give better fuel economy, advanced cylinder head and combustion design for reduced emissions .  

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Do you know About the upcoming Maruti Suzuki 600 CC Cars

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), the largest passenger car maker of India, the company had linened up a number of vehicles to showcase at  2012 New Delhi Auto Expo. At this event, which was the biggest ever in Asia, Maruti Suzuki had enter a few new segments.  

The company has  also expand its small car portfolio in India by exhibiting two sub-800 cc cars . These two cars, called the MR Wagon and Palette which  will be powered by the same 660 cc engine, though their price will remain higher than that of the 800 cc Alto.   

Expected Price : 3.0 Lakhs -5.0 Lakhs Launched date : Not revealed yet
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